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Observation Group from France, 27 Persons in All Visited Japan
(Jul. 13.2009)

French investigating commission came to Japan, aiming to observation of Japan's policy and measures on population ageing from July 13 to 16. During their staying, they visited the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as Japan Medical Association, hospital, facilities for elderly care, and so on.

ILC-Japan held a meeting for exchanging views on Japan's cultural and social characteristics in regard to older people, and population aging on July 13.

■Theme:The Profile of Aging in Japan

-Cultural and Social Characteristics and Family Relations

■Japanese Participants:

  • Dr. Yoshio Gyoten (Medical Commentator / Advisory Board of ILC-Japan)
  • Mr. Yoshiharu Otsuka (Vice President of Japan Red Cross Society / Advisory Board of ILC-Japan)
  • Dr. Ayako Fujita (Professor Emeritus of Osaka University / Research Fellow of ILC-Japan)
  • Mr. Osamu Tasaka (Director General of International Department, Japan Red Cross Society)
  • Mr. Shigeo Morioka (President of ILC-Japan)

■Program (with consecutive interpretation)

17:00 Opening Remarks(Mr. Morioka)
17:05 Introduction of Japanese Participants and ILC Activities
17:15 Presentation
  “Older People and Their Condition in Japan”(Dr. Fujita)
1.Transition of image about the elderly in Japan
2.Social participation activities of the elderly in JapanPDF

 Case Report of the NPO act.PDF
3.Changing of the elderly people's family & neighbors relations in JapanPDF
  Education of Older People for Their Health Promotion”
18:15 Q&A
18:30 Closure


Observation Group from France, 27 Persons in All Visited Japan

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