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Sep. 10 ILC-Japan organized a session titled "How do other countries support lives of older people through mutual-help activities in communities?" during the Ikigai & Tasukeai Summit in Osaka. Osaka
Jan. 15 Seminar cosponsored by the International Longevity Center and Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century “The role of corporations in supporting people with dementia in a community and promoting community participation of the elderly” Tokyo
Nov. 16 International Productive Aging Symposium cosponsored by International Longevity Center Japan and The Dia Foundation for Research on Aging Societies ”Japan, the advanced aging nation! What a local community is like where everyone takes the lead in creating~Think about the elderly’s active role from the latest trend in Japan and overseas” Tokyo
July. 26. ILC Global Alliance Symposium in the 21st IAGG “Towards a Comprehensive Policy Response to Dementia” San Francisco (US)
Feb. 17. Reporting session on “Dementia Meetings by People with Early Dementia" Tokyo
Jan. 30. Productive Aging Symposium “Building a community for all generations to fulfill their lives” Tokyo
Oct. 22. ILC Global Alliance Symposium in the 3rdInternational Longevity Forum
“Age-Friendly Initiatives: Beyond Cities and Communities”
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Oct. 22. ILC-Japan Productive Aging Symposium “Toward a Satisfactory Life Farewell” Tokyo
Jun.6. ILC-Japan Productive Aging Symposium “Toward a Satisfactory Life Farewell” Tokyo
Feb.18. ILC-Japan roundtable meeting “Productive Aging – Japan and the Netherlands” Tokyo
Oct.29. ILC Global Alliance Symposium “Aging and Mobility” London (U.K.)
Jun.12. ILC Global Alliance Symposium in the 12th IFA Conference “Rethinking health and health care” (Brazil, Japan and South Africa)" Hyderabad
Jun.25. ILC Global Alliance Symposium in the 20th IAGG “End of life care” (Israel, Japan, Czech and Singapore) Seoul(Korea)
Jun.21. LC Global Alliance Symposium “The Future of Ageing”" Singapore
Feb.8. Roundtable Meeting "Productive Aging for The Elderly in the World" Tokyo
May.28. ILC Global Alliance Symposium “Productive Ageing” Prague
(Czech Republic)
Feb.3. End of Life Care: Japan and the World -What We Are Beginning to See from the "International Comparative Study on Ideal Terminal Care and Death"- Tokyo
Nov.18. Life and Death – An International Comparison of End of Life Tokyo
Sep.29. ILC Global Alliance Symposium “Integrated Care for Frail Older People” Leiden
Oct.26. The ILC Symposium “The Globalisation of Dementia: Issues and Responses” Cape Town
(South Africa)

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