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ILC-Japan held a seminar " End of Life Care: Japan and the World-What We Are Beginning to See from the "International Comparative Study on Ideal Terminal Care and Death"-"
on February 3, 2012 in Tokyo.

The Seminar ‘End of Life Care in Japan and the World - Outcome of “An International Comparative Study on Ideal Terminal Care and Death” ’ was held by ILC-Japan on February 3 (Fri.), 2012 at The Tokai University Club in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo.

In the Part : International Comparative Study Report, coordinated by Dr. Kazuo Hasegawa, Dr. Kanao Tsuji, Dr. Daisuke Watanabe and Dr. Taeko Nakashima made a presentation respectively on “What the International Comparative Survey Aimed for,” “Terminal care and roles of professionals in each country,” and “The Status of legal structure and system of terminal care in each country.”

In the Part : Report from Abroad, Dr. Marie-Anne Brieu made a presentation on “The Actual State of Terminal Care in France and Europe, and Dr Lee Sung Hee lectured on “Changes and Terminal Care in Korean Society.”

In the Part : Discussion, active exchange of opinions was conducted in regard to in-home end of life care, future challenges and ideal situation of terminal care for persons with dementia, etc.

The details of the Seminar will be reported in the 18th issue of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society” to be published in March.


Opening Speech
Tadaharu GOTO (President, ILC-Japan)
Overview of the Study
Shinichi OGAMI (ILC-Japan)
Presentation by Chief Examiner: Issues surrounding the end-of-life care for people with dementia
(Professor Emeritus, St. Marianna University School of Medicine; Honorable President, Tokyo Research and Training Center for Dementia Care)
Part 1: Reports on the International Comparative Study
1.Goals of the international comparative studyPDF
Kanao TSUJI (President, Life Care System)
2.Reports on the international comparative study
1)The end-of-life care: Legal systems and reality in each countryPDF
Taeko NAKASHIMA (Senior Researcher, Institute for Health Economics and Policy)
2)The end-of-life care and roles of professionals in each countryPDF
Daisuke WATANABE (Research Fellow, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, Seikei University)
Part 2: International Reports
1.Social changes and the end-of life care in South KoreaPDF
Social changes and the end-of life care in South Korea
2.Current conditions of the end-of-life care in France and EuropePDF
Marie-Anne BRIEU (Scientific Director, ILC-France)
Part 3: Discussion
Japan: Kanao TSUJI, South Korea: Sunghee LEE, France: Marie-Anne BRIEU Moderator: Kazuo HASEGAWA

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