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Symposiums & Seminars


date title place
Oct.14. Japanese-Nordic Seminar on Care for Older People Tokyo
Feb.13. Self-determination in the End of Life Tokyo
Mar.-May. A Series of Seminars about Pension (3sessions) Tokyo
Oct.17. Is Your Tomorrow Bright in Later Years? Tokyo
Sep.17-18. Media Symposium New York
Jun.6. The Quality of Life in Old Age
Mar.14. International Conference : Living Environment, Health, and Well-being for the Elderly Tokyo
Oct.14. Aging in North East Asia Tokyo
Dec.6. How to Create Intergenerational Communication Tokyo
Oct.20-21. US-Japan Joint Conference on Longevity Science Osaka
Mar.15. Values Inherited among Generations-Comparing roles of a family between US and Japan Tokyo
Jun.30. Health Care Reform from the Viewpoint of Health Economics Tokyo
May.2-4. Aiming at the Active Aging Society New York
Oct.13. The Bedridden Is Not Permanent Tokyo
Jul.8. Round Table: Longevity and Society Budapest (Hungary) Budapest
Jun.2. How to Live and Stay Healthy in the Aging Society? (Lecture Meeting) Tokyo
Sep.28. What Role Can Companies Play in the Coming Aged Society? --The Comparison of Volunteers between US and Japan-- Nagoya
Oct.30. Productive Aging -- Seeking for Productive Aging-- Tokyo
Jun.14. Almanac for the Elderly in Aging Society of the US and Japan

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