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Mr. Joe Oldman, Senior Policy Advisor -Housing for Age Concern and Help the Aged in Great Britain, visited Japan
(Oct.14-19, 2009)

Mr. Joe Oldman visited Japan to participate in the international forum “Ageing in Place & Age Friendly Cities” held in Akita from October 9 to 11.

Mr. Oldman plays an active role in Age Concern and Help the Aged, a very influential major aging organization in Great Britain as well as ILC-UK, as a senior housing policy advisor for the government officials.

By request of ILC-UK, ILC-Japan arranged a program to introduce him the current status of Japan including visiting elderly housing and discussion with the experts during his stay in Tokyo from October 14 to 19.

Mr. Joe OldmanMr. Joe Oldman  


Date Appointment Details
Yukiko Inoue, Dr. Eng. Chief, Facility Environment Assessment Section, Department of Facility Sciences, National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, Japan - meeting National Institute of Public Health, NIPH, discussion
Shinjuen Nursing Home Visit Housing with nursing care for bedridden or with dementia who are difficult to look after at home
Barrier-Free Sumai-kan visit  
Kouhouen - Public housing for elderly (with care) visit Public housing for elderly - Publicly run or enterprises requested by public authority managing commercial housing for older people for rent (with care available)
Nukunuku Group Home visit Group Home - housing for dementia to live together like 'family' to help each other. Can house 8 people maximum.
Hot House Nukunuku Care Station visit Care Station - Care station managed by private sector. Often using a House to service meals and somewhere people can gather and stay for socializing. Over night stay is possible.
Foundation for Senior Citizens' Housing, discussion  
Good Time Living - Private housing for elderly with care (residential) visit Private Housing for Elder with Care (Residential) - Enterprise managed property for sale developed especially for older people with caring and nursing available
Pratetia Chiba Minato - Private housing for independent elderly (rent) visit Private Housing for Independent Elderly (rent) - Enterprise managed property for rent especially developed for independent older people
Bibirth Nisshinncho, Public Housing for independent elderly visit Public housing for elderly - Publicly run or enterprises requested by public managing commercial housing for elderly for rent
ILC visit and meetings  
Meeting and Dinner with Mariko Sonoda, Associate Professor, Meiji University  
Japanese Housing for Older People
Mr. Joe Oldman

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