International Relationship

Ms. Rebecca Jarvis (Programme Director, NHS Health Innovation Network South London, UK) visited Japan (October 21 and 23, 2019)

Ms. Rebecca Jarvis (Programme Director, NHS Health Innovation Network South London, UK) stayed in Japan from October 7 to 25, conducting a study to explore alternative care and support models to institutional care for older people.

ILC-Japan coordinated her study on October 21 and 23.
Monday, October 21, from 10:00 to 16:00: Study tour in Machida City, Tokyo
Wednesday, October 23, from 14:00 to 16:00: Research meeting at ILC-Japan office

with the staffs of Seifu Hills Kanai

Briefing on Nursing Home Okagaki

Small-scale Multifunctional Nursing Home Okagami

Briefing on Social Welfare Cor. Kashokai

Receiving a big welcome from the clients at the Fukuin Kai

Briefing on Social Welfare Corp. Fukuin Kai

Study tour in Machida City: Summary

  Corporation/facility Description Note

Linden Co.
* Small-scale multifunctional nursing “Nursing Home Okagami”

* Under the theme "end of life care in a community," they serve as a hub to provide comprehensive services, including home visits for daily support, medical home visits and day care/respite to ease burden on families. They also focus on assigning the same staff so that users can feel familiar. The owner also works as a regional nurse. Recognizing the community needs, the owner made up her mind to secure the land and a subsidy for startup funding then opened the facility 7 years ago.
11:00 Social Welfare Corp. San-iku Kai
* Elderly housing with supportive services “Seifu Hills Kanai”
* Other available services: regular home visits for personal care and nursing, clinic This corporation started as a hospital. The special nursing home adjacent to the facility is over 50 years old and the second oldest in Tokyo.
12:40 Lunch at “Relace,” a restaurant within Grand Heart Machida
* Introduction of "Active Senior Bank" by Machida City Care Workforce Development Center
* Relace is located within Grand Heart Machida, a multifunctional medical/care facility.
* Matching service for older people who like to participate in society and facilities that look for human resources
* A welfare organization and a pharmacy manager worked together to establish this medical/care facility 3 years ago.
14:00 Social Welfare Corp. Fukuin Kai
* Special nursing home “Fukuin-no Ie”
* Low-cost home for the elderly (Type A) “Machida Aishin En”
* The facility as a whole is multifunctional (home care, day care, respite, consultation, etc.). This corporation was founded by Christian doctors about 40 years ago. They started the first day care service and in-home care support center in the city.
15:00 Social Welfare Corp. Kasho Kai
* Group Home “Nukumori no Sono”
* Elderly housing with supportive services “Kiyosumi no Mori”
* A group home for people with dementia. 9 residents/floor X 2 floors. Day care and respite care services for people with dementia are available next door. They also operate a barrier-free housing service (3-min. walk from the group home) as well as home care and care management services (in a shopping area) in the neighborhood. The president, being a local resident and a former employee of a social welfare council, participates in local activities with users with dementia and work with local residents to organize various events (e.g., chorus, Chinese character test), leveraging their strengths. The corporation was founded 19 years ago.

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